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Intelligent Dealmaking for Artistic Visionaries

With more and more members of the public taking the time to enjoy film, TV, plays, and the arts, now couldn’t be a better time to find the right investor for your production company. Thankfully, our extensive experience allows us to navigate this complicated market with ease. At Fortune Empire, we match production companies with high-end investors who understand big-budget productions and the art of success.

Through our global, private network you’ll gain access to exclusive deals with capital options ranging from $1 million to $1 billion. After carefully evaluating the unique needs of your production company, we’ll curate a list of only the most relevant capital options for your consideration. No matter what artistic vision you have for your productions, you’ll find an investment partner through the Fortune Empire global network.

Our investors are ready for the biggest of budgets

Year by year, productions of all kinds cost more money to produce, but in turn can potentially generate far more in profit.

That’s why investors on the Fortune Empire network are ready to invest in all kinds of production companies and can exceed the capital requirements you’ll need for success. We’ll find you the best options out there and connect you with only those that reflect your aims and ambitions.

By using a scalable 3-tier membership system, you can raise or lower your access to investors based on the amount they have to offer. This allows your production company to utilise the Fortune Empire platform in a way that suits your needs for current and future projects. Through our global network, your production company will find investors with capital ready for the budgets you’ve determined.

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