Private Equity Firms


That’s not really news. Statistically, 89% of business owners and intermediaries initiate their searches for potential buyers and funders online and PE firms that adopt a proactive origination strategy have had greater ROI with higher quantity investment opportunities. The emerging trends for business development is to attend conferences, have a substantial online presence, and robustly market their newly invested companies.

At Fortune Empire, we can do all of that for our private equity clients. By joining the community of Fortune Empire, you are already connected to business owners and intermediaries such as investment banks, brokers, M&A advisors and co-investment partners. We enable you to get it done faster and easier.

Here are some benefits of being part of Fortune Empire's Community:

As a member of Fortune Empire, you would have access to proprietary deals that are exclusive to our community members.

Through our online platform, you can share real-time investment criteria and indications of interest.

Recent study has shown that a firm looks at 80 opportunities before deciding to invest in one and requires 3.1 full-time investment team members with 20 back-to-back meetings with management. Also, PE firms spend somewhere between $300K-$1.5MM in business development. At Fortune Empire, you can be connected to hundreds of additional CEOs, intermediaries as well as suitable co-investment partners with a fraction of the cost.

"Building Brand"

Every time a private equity firm attends a conference, publicize their investments, and write articles about their industry to share their thoughts and valuable information, all the activities increase the chances of receiving more deals and valuable connections. The best way to maximize your utility is to choose the right community and Fortune Empire is undoubtedly the "Empire" you want to be part of.