Board of Directors

Don Levy

Chairman of the Board

I am delighted to present Fortune Empire to you. We believe that the way to ensure the future and the growth of Fortune Empire, FE is to find out what products and services would have value to our members and to society in general. We also believe that it is indispensable to tell the world about our desire to create the value that our customers want, and to communicate even more profoundly with our members in a wide range of fields. 

Fortune Empire is built on a foundation of core values that are shared across each and every member of our team. These core values differentiates FE the most from other organizations. We value and welcome different culture, innovative & disruptive ideas and support entrepreneurship throughout the world. 

With this in mind FE collaborates with our members from project inception, to deliver the best possible outcome. We are driven to achieving a legacy through a synergized approach, based on integrity and satisfaction, building unsurpassed relationships and variety of business & financial services.

William Noe

William Noe
Vice Chairman

Jeffrey Miller

Chris Majer

Senior Executive

Jeffrey is Senior Vice President and Media Director of Fortune Empire, the leading platform for connecting Capital Providers to those Seeking Capital. Jeffrey Miller is also a Managing Partner of Communications & Media at PB Petroleum. His excellent communication and listening skills plays an important role at PB Petroleum. He was also founder of Miller Communications Group in the Bay Area and was also the President of Monaco Private Capital, a Merchant Banking company in New York City providing consulting services to growing companies who need capital and business development. Jeffrey has launched successful media businesses in Silicon Valley and has built a successful career in the life sciences and information technology industries. He was a managing director of media at Burrill and Company, a global venture capital fund in San Francisco, with over $1.5 billion of assets under management. Earlier in his career, Mr. Miller served as a top-level executive with Nielsen Business Media, IDG Publications, Ziff-Davis Publishing Company and ad director of PC Magazine, publisher of MacUser Magazine and associate publisher of the Internet Industry Standard. He also was a sales director of various events at SoftBank Expos and Conferences. Jeffrey has an MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University.

Robert Whitmore

Robert Whitmore

Jack Schneider Jr.

Jack Schneider

Frederick Newcomb